Treatment Packages

Gift Vouchers are available upon request.

Bowen Therapy for Women$110

By nature women will continue their everyday activity regardless of the pain and discomfort they carry. Bowen Therapy can work with your body to provide relief from hormonal issues and body pain through to auto-immune issues as well as postural correction.

Bowen Therapy for Men – $110

Men have a tendency to soldier on when it comes to pain and discomfort. Bowen Therapy can be used to target issues from a frozen shoulder or pain management through to low energy levels or chronic disorders and health issues.

Bowen Therapy for children under the age of 12 years – $85

Unacknowledged pain and discomfort can be involved with inability to sit still, concentrate, behavioural issues and poor sleep etc. As children grow and change Bowen Therapy can be used to support them through the many developmental and recovery processes.

Access Bars – $110

This beautiful gentle technique calms and clears the mind and body. It facilitates a reconnection with self whilst relaxing into calmness.

Aroma Touch Massage – $110

This soothing massage uses a range of Doterra oils designed to enhance the massage experience. Calming and relaxing this technique allows stresses and tensions to be released from mind and body.

Complete Health Care Package – $250

Allow yourself to experience a complete health overhaul. Enjoy an Aroma Touch Massage, followed by a complete Bowen Session, finishing with the full Access Bars procedure. Please arrange for someone to pick you up at the end of the session.

Hypnotherapy- $150

We all can experience issues that prove to be difficult to resolve, or want to create differences in the way we live our life. Utilising the focusing and relaxing processes of hypnotherapy, I work with you to enable you to access and direct your subconscious mind to create your desired outcome.

Past Life Hypnotherapy- $180

Past Life Regression Therapy is a hypnosis technique used to discover memories believed to be associated with past lives. This technique is often used with the intention of finding and resolving issues in the present day.

Concession rates are available for government healthcare/pension card holders, and are dependent on the technique employed.