‘The body is intricately simple and simply intricate. If you produce the right measure for the right condition, you get the right response.’

George Goodheart who recognised the value of biofeedback technique of manual muscle testing.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive body therapy that utilises muscle testing, acupressure and acupuncture points along with meridian energy to assess, align and correct the body. The feedback from muscle testing allows the body to tell its story. These indicators provide the practitioner with the tools to discern the best avenues to be followed for the client in treatment. It is a therapy that focuses on the individual, considering not only the physical body but the environmental and emotional states.

Kinesiology is the umbrella under which a broad variety of modalities sit. Each modality brings with it a specific approach that can be used to stream line a treatment plan for the client.

Listed below are some of the techniques I utilise as a Kinesiologist:

  • N.O.T. (Neural Organisation Technique – basic and advanced by Dr. Carl Ferreri D.C.)
  • Touch for Health,- e.g. 14 muscle balance
  • PKP (Professional Kinesiology Practice). Examples techniques include:
    • Meridian work
    • Five element Balance
    • Mode and reactivity testing
    • Temporal tapping and Lymphatic drainage
    • Reflex, trigger and body points
    • Tools of the Trade – which is like the Kinesiology version of NLP including regression and mind/body resetting
  • Tibetan Energy and Vitality
  • Kinesiology and Flower Essences